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I buy custom made shirts all the time, never thought I could order them online. I was surprised that madebytailor has done it so well.

Tom S. from Halifax, NS
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About Us

"We combine indigenous craftsmanship with immaculate attention to details. Every Made By Tailors shirt speaks volumes about the people making it. And what making that shirt means to them."

"Preserving An Enduring Human Impulse"

Our Story

"Real craftsmen are here to give you an affordable custom designed, tailor made shirt – are you willing?"

We believe real tailors with life time of experience in crafting quality custom clothing are being replaced with standardized garments, mass produced in horrific sweat shops environment with human rights violation by mega corporations – whose objective is to maximize shareholders value. Period!

We at Made By Tailors are a small startup founded on the principles of Ethical Behaviour and Real Craftsmanship.

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How We Work

We source, recruit and hire some of the best craftsmen from around the world. These are people with real skills, craftsmanship, expertise, passion and love for they do. We provide them a safe, secure, open and just work environment with normal 8 hours a day work, Overtime Pay, Incentive, Bonuses, Medical Leaves, Health Coverage, Annual Vacation, and moral support.

How we make it possible:

Did you Know..


In his infinite power, God has given every man a body that is unique and distinct from anyone else in the world. The height, body mass, physique and his personal body structure is what gives the man his true physical form.

It is more than likely that off the rack shirt purchased from a shop or online website will not fit your body or cater to your taste. Each distinctively unique body needs a garment that is especially designed and crafted to perfectly fit the body. Every garment of ours is made according to your specific body measurements -from cuff size to shoulder length- all is custom made.

Our tailors strive to create quality custom made shirts that fits you well at affordable price; we want to hear you say "this is a real quality shirt –superb!" By creating this e-commerce website, we want to offer affordable and easily attainable tailor made shirts. In a few simple steps, you can design your one-of-a-kind shirt and have it delivered to you!

Our team of professional tailors are based in Ajman – UAE. With over 20 years of experience, our tailors have impeccable craftsmanship, and are committed to creating handmade quality custom made shirt for you. Our client support team and technical staff reside in Dubai, UAE and Toronto, Canada; and are eager to assist you any stage of the shopping process.