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How to pick a great custom made shirt?

Posted on October 14th, 2016

Great shirts are seldom but easily seen and can really add a lot to a suit, blazer or with a pair of trousers. Unfortunately, not many off-the-rack shirts do you justice as compared to a custom made shirt . So if you want a great shirt that could be spotted miles away, look for a custom made shirt with the following qualities:


100% cotton is the most common fabric for custom made shirts. You can determine the quality of fabrics by the number of thread count per inch. The higher the number normally means the better the fabric. The average thread count is 80s. Beside the thread count, you may be interested in looking into the type of weave, such as twill, herringbone, poplin, broadcloth or oxford. If you plan to get a formal custom made dress shirt, broadcloth will be the best choice because its tightly woven and slight sheen, which make it very dressy. For those who want your shirts with wrinkle resistant capability, you may choose cotton-poly blend. With a bit of polyester in the fabric, you will be surprised how easy it is to maintain your shirts.

Tailored Fit

Good quality shirts are cut specifically to hug the contours of your body. Well cut dress shirts will not create a baggy fit, which is often found in a one-size fits all mass produced shirt. Tailored shirts fit snugly but not tightly and always appear more attractive. You can learn from our recent article what not to wear… dress shirt edition

Split Back yoke

This is the part of the shirt that runs along the neck and shoulders and aids in the proper fitting of a shirt. Without it your shirt will crumple and be far less comfortable. It is often omitted as it adds to cost. On patterned dress shirts, be sure that the split yoke joins the fabric seamlessly.

Seams Match

The width of all seams should match and normally, they will on a custom made dress shirt.. This will look alot better and creates a far more attractive aesthetic for the shirt wearer and those who witness it. As well, the seams should be smooth and stitched with the correct tension.

Why not treat yourself to a new custom made shirt. It’s sure to look the part and will end up costing less than an off the hanger mass produced shirt.

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