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Dress for Your Body Type

Dressing appropriately for your body is important because it can emphasize your best features and visually balance out your proportions. Body shapes and sizes will vary, but here are some styling tips, which will help you with your design selection process.

Too Short?

If you are, let's say, "vertically challenged", you should find dress shirt styles and fabric patterns that elongate you neck and lengthen the torso. Try shirt elements such as:

Too Tall?

Are you "vertically gifted"? You may want to opt for designs and fabrics that add mass and draw attention outward. We suggest shirts and accessories with elements like:

A bit skinny?

If you are slim, try selecting design options and fabrics that add fullness while ensuring the fit is not too bulky. You may also want to consider layering patterns to create visual interest. Here are some recommended style options:

A little heavy?

If you are fuller in the torso area, try balancing out your mid section by drawing attention vertically. This way, it will look like you've slimmed down instantly! Try designs and fabrics with the following elements:

Strong and muscular?

If you have an athletic build, find details that can add length without adding bulk. You may also want to add mass in the torso to balance out the shoulders. More importantly, opt for shirt details with: