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I buy custom made shirts all the time, never thought I could order them online. I was surprised that madebytailor has done it so well.

Tom S. from Halifax, NS
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Care Tips

Now that you have or about to have a well fitting custom made shirt, it is important that you care for it properly.

Washing @ Home

"Tips to help maintain the longevity of your custom made shirts"

Select the appropriate washing detergent, for example, detergent with bleach for whites, colour saving detergents for bright colours, and dark wash detergent for blacks and navy blues. Using the appropriate one will help maintain the colour of the custom made shirt. Wash them using a gentle cycle with luke-warm water (or cold water for dark wash) in order to preserve the fabric and colour. For stains, pretreat it with an appropriate stain remover 10 minutes before laundering. Lastly, remove loose buttons before wash so they don't get lost and remove collar stays if possible.


It is always recommended that you air dry your custom made shirts on a supportive wood hanger. If you must use a dryer, avoid high heat or over-drying the custom made shirt.


You should iron your custom made shirt on medium heat when the fabric is damp. This way, you can press out wrinkles easily and reduce the likelihood of burning your custom made shirt. More importantly, if you iron your custom made shirt when dry, make sure you have a good steam iron to prevent burning.

Dry Cleaning

Try to avoid dry cleaning your custom made shirts, however we understand that this is a convenient option! Dry cleaning uses harsh chemicals that can discolor or damage the fabric of your custom made shirt.


Hang your custom made shirt on a supportive hanger such as a wooden one, this will help maintain the shape of the yoke and shoulders.