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Measurement Guides

Body measurement

"An accurate measurement is the key to a well-fitted custom made shirt"

Our custom made shirts can be tailored according to your specific body measurements, by doing so, we guarantee a great fit. To begin, you will need an accurate measuring tape either in inches or centimetres, and if possible, a second person to assist you with the measuring. Simply follow our easy step-by-step measuring guide to get all the information required. This is a critical step in the ordering process, because this will allow us to create a custom made shirt that fits to every contour of your body.

Shirt measurement

Do you already own a great fitting dress shirt? Utilize this option to replicate a shirt you currently own. All you have to do is pick out your favourite dress shirt and measure it. As well, you will be able to tweak the shirt by simply adjusting the measurements. Our straight forward measuring instructions will guide you through each step of the process.

Standard measurement chart

You may already like the fit of standard sizes, however, its difficult for you to find the right style, fabric or design. If this the case, than select the standard sizing option for a quick and easy order and you will also know what to expect.

When selecting a standard size, please carefully consult our sizing chart below to ensue you choose the appropriate size. If for any reason the chart does not accurately represent the size you are, we recommend that you try our body measurement fit. This way, we can guarantee a good fit.

Standard Sizing

Collar 13" - 13½"(XS) 14" - 14½"(S) 15" - 15½"(M) 16" - 16½"(L) 17" - 17½"(XL) 18" - 18½"(XXL)
Shoulder 17¼" 18¾" 19¼" 20⅛" 20⅞" 22"
Sleeve Length 25¼" 25⅝" 25⅝" 26" 26⅜" 26¾"
Sleeve Width 11½" 11⅞" 12¼" 12⅝" 13" 13¾"
Chest 43" 45" 47" 48" 51" 53"
Waist 39" 41" 43" 45" 49" 51"
Shirt Length 28" 29" 30" 31" 32" 33"
Cuffs 9½" 9½" 9⅞" 9⅞" 10¼" 10⅝"
Hip 44" 46" 47" 49" 51" 53"

Please note:

Shirt length, chest size, waist size, hip size and sleeve width may vary based on the bottom cut and the fit you choose. If you are looking for a prefect fit, We strongly recommend that you provide us with your body measurements.