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Wow, I love my shirt! I have never found any off-the-rack shirts that fit me as perfectly as this. My collar size is 16.5", but the shirts that fit my body well are 15.5". Shopping for shirts have been an headache until I found your company. THANK YOU! I placed another order today. I can't wait to get it.

Bill C. from Markham, Ontario
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Return Policy

"Here's our difference, being a small e-commerce retailer, we take our customer concerns to heart, and in the end, we want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase."

Not happy with your custom made dress shirt?

If for any reason your custom made shirt is not tailored according to the selected style, fit or profile measurements; please contact us us within 10 days of receiving your shirt, and we will gladly:

If the custom made shirt was tailored to the selected style, fit and profile measurements, but the measurements requested were ill fitting, then we cannot guarantee an exchange or store credit; however, we will gladly help and resolve your concern for your next purchase. If you are a first time customer, please refer to our First Time Customer Guarantee

Remake Policy

We will provide you with a free remake using our friendly process; it must be within 10 days of receiving the shirt.

To qualify for a remake, your adjustments must meet at least one of the requirements:

Style Issues:

Please note we do not grant remakes for any type of style issue, this is a user choice so therefore we only grant remakes that meet within the measurement requirements or if there is a fabric issue/factory mistake. Please see the following details bulleted below in regards to determining whether your shirt issue is considered a style issue.


Requests based on fabric will be approved only if the issue is related to a factory defect.

Refund Policy

We at Made By Tailors value yourSatisfaction, your satisfaction is key. We offer a full refund policy and a free remake policy.

All Returned shirts are donated to charity or sold for charitable causes!

To request a refund, please email us at care@madebytailors.com and we will inform you of the process of refund.

We can only offer one shirt refund per account - new customers should not order multiple shirts until they're completely satisfied with their first shirt. We cannot reimburse you for the shipping cost. We can only offer a refund up to 60 days from the date, the order was placed.

If you're satisfied with the design and quality of the shirt, but not the fit, we hope that you try for a remake before asking for a refund. We offer a free remake for new customers within 10 days with free shipping.

Each shirt was specifically crafted for you, based on your unique design preferences and taste, and to your personal body measurements. Hence, we have no use for the shirts and all returned shirts are given to charity works.

We can offer full refund ONLY if a shirt meets the FREE Remake Qualifications Criteria and for any reason you do not want a Remake.

If after a remake, the refund is requested due to any reason, then both the shirts (original and remake) must be returned in original, unworn condition to qualify for a refund. If the Shirts are worn and have the factory seal taken off, then the shirts will be returned and no refund will be processed.