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Thank you! Your shirt made me look very sharp during my job interview

Matthew from Toronto, ON
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Shirt Styles

We understand that every occasion requires a different style of shirt to complement your outfit. Selecting the right shirt can be challenging and to help you make the right selection, here are a few common styles we recommend.


For occasions like weddings or black tie events, try a formal evening shirt. We recommend a white long sleeve shirt, without pockets and with a hidden button placket; this is commonly paired with a bow or black tie.

Business Formal

For professional settings like meetings and presentations, opt for the business executive style. Start with a top quality fabric in a solid colour (i.e blue or white), long sleeves, one pocket and worn with the correct tie.

Business Casual

The business casual style shirt is appropriate for your daily office or workplace setting. It is mostly long sleeves (but may be short sleeves), business collar, one pocket and worn with an open collar without a tie. With this style, you can select from a variety of fabrics like checkered, pinstripes or solids.

Casual/Weekend shirt

For casual Fridays and weekends, this shirt can be designed anyway you like. Select from bold colour fabrics and prints, long or short sleeves, with one or more front pockets or add epaulettes to create a more utilitarian look. This is all about being comfortable, so wear them with jeans or with a t-shirt.