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I buy custom made shirts all the time, never thought I could order them online. I was surprised that madebytailor has done it so well.

Tom S. from Halifax, NS
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Why custom made shirts?

Are you looking for a well-fitted dress shirt but can't seem to find the right one? The answer is simple. Given the complexities of the human body and the variety of physiques, the chances of finding a shirt that fits the contours of your anatomy are rare. When you’re only given a collar size or a standard clothing size to work with, the odds get slimmer. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a custom made dress shirt.

Better Fit

Custom made dress shirts offer you a better fit because it is tailored to the contours to your body. You describe to the tailor how you want the dress shirt to fit; whether it be slim, regular or loose. You may also choose from a wide variety of design details that accentuate your best features. A well-fitted dress shirt pairs easily with a suit, casual blazer, trousers, and can be worn with or without a tie. Your attention to fit and design will definitely be noticed by others.

Better Quality

With a custom made dress shirt, you get a good quality shirt that’s 100% handmade. Fabrics are carefully selected to offer durability, comfort and are suitable for everyday use. Fabric options are endless, from basic solids to bright and bold patterns to meet your style needs. You may also pick from a variety of different contrast fabrics to highlight your personalities.

More Confidence

A well-fitted dress shirt will also boost your confidence in any setting, and leave a positive first impression to anyone you meet whether it is job interview, business meeting, or even first date. Plus, a well-fitted dress shirt will make a statement about you.

Our Advantage

Fastest Turnaround times

We understand that, to succeed in today’s world, you need to race against time. You are busy and need things done fast and urgently. This is why we have crafted the fastest delivery and turnaround times in the custom made clothing industry. Our Express Shipping Shirt will be at your door step in 4 -6 Business Days from the time you click checkout. Regular Shipping Shirts will be at your door in 15 Calendar Days.

Save up to 50%

We offer high quality fabrics that are affordable for all budgets. All our custom made dress shirt is made with impeccable craftsmanship and are 100% handmade. If you compare our custom made shirts with the ones in your local tailor stores, you’ll soon notice that our prices are only half of theirs, and there is no minimal order. Besides, you enjoy the comfort of shopping at home, be able to visualize the end product; and be proud of designing something that is truly one-of-a-kind.

All Taxes Included

Did we mention about the taxes? Our prices are listed with the taxes included. By doing this, you can have the most accurate pricing information to make well-informed purchasing decisions. Plus, we handle all the custom and duties for you. So, there is no additional cost. Period!

If you are still not convinced yet?

Check out our First Time Customer Guarantee.

Our tailors are professional, experienced, and ready to assist you in creating a shirt perfect for you. The experience of having good shirts made for your body, with all of your preferences in mind is wonderful. Why don't you start it today?